Head Lice are good at what they do.

head-louse-1 - CopyHead lice normally do not show symptoms until they have already spread throughout the family or classroom. Schools and day care settings are perfect places for transferring head lice from child to child. Teachers and parents should be especially vigilant against these pests since the amount of cases is on the rise. A key point to take into consideration is that if the mother of a child that has a case of head lice has a 54% chance of having exposure herself. Also, if a mother has two children that have it at the same time, she then has an 87% chance of having exposure to head lice herself. In today’s Facebook age, we encourage everyone to be socially responsible and proactive about head lice, instead of being embarrassed by the stigma associated with it. All cases of head lice are not the same. Based on the experience of Headhunters L.R.S., a few nits only show exposure, not a full infestation. It is recommended to properly check so the initial exposure does not progress.

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