Head Lice Questions and Answers

1. How many head lice can a person have?
The average number found with a lice infestation is around 10-12 lice per head, but some people can have more than a thousand!

scratch kid2. Do head lice cause itching?
Yes, but not for everyone. When head lice suck blood, they inject the scalp with saliva. The saliva causes itching for some people, but not for everybody. Itching cannot be used as the only diagnostic symptom for a head lice infestation.

3. Does poor hygiene attract lice?
No, head lice feed on blood- not dirt. This is an myth about head lice that is not true.

4. Can I give head lice to my pets?
Pets have no risk for getting head lice because head lice only thrive on humans. They need the blood and warmth of the human head to survive.

IMG_78905. I heard that head lice are resistant to head lice products, so do they work at all?
Sometimes the products work, but unfortunately they typically do not. Recent studies have found that lice are resistant to the traditional insect poison products commonly used. There are lines of products that are all natural and non-toxic, meaning lice cannot develop a resistance to them.

6. Do lice die if you stay in a sauna for a long time?
No, our bodies regulate our body temperature so that it will not reach dangerously high levels- neither to the lice nor to ourselves.

7. Why do I have to comb through the hair?
Studies have shown that combing is four times more effective to identify and treat head lice than parting the hair and visually looking for them.

8. We found out our child has head lice. I need to clean everything, right?
A clean house has no influence on the head lice infestation. Head lice need to be on a human head in order to survive, so it is highly unlikely that you will find lice on stuffed animals, floors, or your couch. You need to wash the immediate bedding of anyone who has head lice, as well as put their hair brushes, combs, etc. in a Ziploc bag in the freezer for 3 hours. Anything else you do around the house is just going to make you feel better. Head lice cannot survive off of our scalp.

9. My child has lice and I don’t want them to jump on me. How can I prevent that?
Head lice do not jump, fly, hop or burrow. Head lice are transferred through head-to-head contact. The best way to prevent head lice is to keep your hair up and away from the person who has a head lice infestation. Head lice only need about 4 seconds to transfer from one head to another.

10. How can I make sure that my children never get lice again?
There are a few ways that you can try to prevent head lice, but unless you shave their heads bald, they have a chance of getting it again. For long hair, it should be pulled back in buns, braids, or ponytails. You can mist the hair daily with a repellant spray, and do a weekly head check to make sure your children do not have lice. By doing a weekly head check, you will be able to catch a new lice infestation as early as possible! The earlier you find the lice infestation, they easier it is to treat.

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