The Average Life Cycle of Head Lice

Often times, when a parent finds out their child has head lice they freak. This is a completely normal reaction, and it’s a common one. Some parents wonder how long their child’s head lice infestation has gone unnoticed. The good news: Head lice die of old age after about 33 days. The bad news: Adult females lay 5-10 eggs per day, hatching into babies that soon become an adult.

Whether the head lice infestation is caught early on or several months later, the infestation must be treated! The best treatment options involve a terminator comb and all natural non-toxic products. Head lice have become resilient to most pesticides and over the counter chemical based lice products. Take a different approach! Using non-toxic products you can guarantee your family lice free regardless of where you are at in the life cycle.

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