Contestants on America’s Next Top Model have Head Lice!

Just a few weeks ago, it was confirmed that contestants on Heidi Klum’s reality show, America’s Next Top Model, had head lice. Two confirmed cases have been found and there is another suspected case.

Contestant Anna Maria said she had no idea where the head lice came from and that she probably tried on a hat while she was shopping in New York, leading to her head lice infestation.

Unfortunately, there is a less than 1% chance Anna Maria got head lice from trying on a hat. Head lice is spread from head-to-head contact and only take 4 seconds to transfer.  Head lice are a blood sucking parasite that need human blood and hair to survive. The temperature range incubates their nits (eggs), but if a nit falls out of the hair it immediately becomes unviable. Head lice dehydrate quickly if off of their human host, meaning they can only live on average about 24 hours before they will die. In extremely rare conditions, head lice may live up to 48 hours off of the head.

The most common ways of contracting head lice are head-to-head contact, sharing hairbrushes and sleeping in the bed with someone who has head lice.

Treatment for head lice should be done as soon as possible after finding a head lice infestation. A proper lice comb and repellant conditioning spray should be used in the process of combing out the infestation. After removing the infestation, the individual should comb through their hair every other day and use repellant products. Head lice leave a scent in the hair (for 30 days) that tells other head lice to come join the party since this person is obviously a great host. While this scent can’t be detected by humans, it can be detected by head lice- making your risk for re-infestation twice as likely.

To read more about America’s Next Top Model contestants and their head lice infestation, visit the following link:

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