Summer Camp Season is Fast Approaching

Many children are heading to summer camp in the coming weeks. A big concern for parents is head lice! Head lice are spread through head to head contact, and are highly contagious. Before sending a child to camp, parents should take a few precautionary measures:

1. Head Check your child and/or take your child to a Head Lice Specialist for a Head Check. If your child has lice, you need to completely remove the infestation before you send them to camp.

2. Have a long conversation with your child about head to head contact (and keeping their hair pulled up if the child is a girl). Head lice is spread through head to head contact, so teaching children about limiting their head to head contact and not sharing their hairbrushes is a benefit to the whole family.

3. Send your child with natural repellant products, including a shampoo, conditioner and conditioning repellant spray. Show your children how to use the repellant spray daily by just misting down their hair! Head Hunters Naturals Repellant Spray also protects against mosquitoes and smells like lemons.

4. Ask the camp how they handle head lice cases. Do they treat the child? Do they send the child home? Do they check all the children in the cabin? Figure out the camp’s policies and procedures.

Be as proactive as you can to protect your family and child from a potential head lice infestation.

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  1. These are some great precautionary tips for parents before sending their kids to summer camp. I founded two children’s hair salons and I have been involved with children’s haircare for over 20 years now. I recently wrote a blog on how to prevent lice – tips for kids to remember while they’re at camp – that I think your readers will also be interested in.


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