Do I Clean the Couches When there is a Head Lice Infestation?

Often times, parents wonder where or not they should clean their entire house when someone in the family has head lice. Head lice do not burrow, hop or fly so there is no need to clean every inch of your house. A louse will die if off the head, so do not worry too much about the actual house. Your energy needs to be focused on combing out the head lice infestation and preventing another head lice outbreak.

“What about our sofa?”

There is no need to worry about a leather sofa when head lice is found in your family. Fabric sofas/chairs can either be lent rolled or vacuumed to ease the stress. Head lice need your blood and the heat of your hair to survive. If a nit falls out of your hair, it immediately becomes unviable. If a live bug falls out, it is either dead or dying.

“What about our car? What about the carseats?”

Lint roll or vacuum the car/carseats only to make you feel better. Head lice need your head to survive. Focus on where the infestation is, not everywhere it could possibly be.

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