LiceENDS Assurance in Honor of Head Lice Awareness Month

In conjunction with Head Lice Awareness Month, Head Hunters L.R.S. is launching the “LiceENDS Assurance” Program. What does that mean? With a $20 peace of mind head check comes a 30 day reprieve from head lice! Should your child catch head lice within those 30 days, we will treat it for FREE!!

The Head Lice Specialist wants to Wipe Out head lice! The “LiceENDS Assurance” Program is designed to provide families with the tools necessary to prevent a case of head lice. By empowering our clients with proper education on lice facts, lice identification and with the correction of lice myths, we are assuring that a case of head lice is preventable. We give our clients the resources to handle any head lice concerns and issues with confidence.

Head lice are prominent in every school, daycare and social settings. Where there are children, there will be cases of head lice. The key to preventing head lice is knowledge. Taking preventative measures against head lice is smart and can protect the entire family. Tips to keep your children head lice free:

 *        Avoid head to head contact. Keep the hair up in buns, braids and pony tails.

*        Use repellant products on your children when they are in social settings.

*        Teach your child to never share hats, combs, brushes, hair ties, helmets, pillows, etc.

*        Do weekly wet head checks. Focus on the hot spots: nape of neck, behind the ears, part lines. Using a fine metal comb, lightly condition and thoroughly comb the hair to find and remove small nits and live lice.

*        When a head lice infestation is found on a member of the family, perform a wet head check on everyone in the household and treat as necessary.

*        Recognize the symptoms of head lice: look for itching at the scalp, small red bumps or sores on the neck and/or scalp.


By partnering with Head Hunters and joining the cause to Wipe Out head lice, we can keep your head lice headaches away! Help keep our community head lice free! For more information on head lice and the “LiceENDS Assurance” Program visit the promotions page at or call 678-240-0042. Our full line of preventative products can be ordered online at

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