Being Socially Responsible About Head Lice

Once you have had a case of head lice in your family the last thing you want is to get it again! Being proactive about head lice will protect your child! Since lice are extremely prevalent, you will want to inform people that your child had head lice. Having a conversation with other people about your experience will help safeguard your child from getting lice again.

Being Socially Responsible About Head Lice

Lice leave a scent in your hair that says, “Hey, I am good host and you will thrive here!” This scent stays in the hair for 30 days following the removal of the initial infestation. During this 30 day period your child is twice as likely to get lice again. You may not know who your child got lice from or if they gave it to another child however, those cases need to be identified and treated so that your child does not get lice again.

Tell the school nurse that your child had lice so they can enact the school’s head lice policy. Most schools will send a letter home with the other children in the classroom or grade letter notifying their parents that there has been an identified case of lice. Your child will remain anonymous in this letter. The notification will give other families the opportunity to check and treat their children when necessary. Some schools will perform head checks on the entire class to identify other cases of head lice.

Being Socially Responsible About Head Lice

Inform your child’s friends and relatives that you have been in close contact with that your child had head lice. It gives them the opportunity be checked and treated if necessary. By advising everyone in your child’s immediate social circle this will reduce the opportunity for your child to be re-infected with head lice.

If you have any questions or need more information about head lice you can contact The Head Lice Specialist at 678-240-0042 or by visiting For information about treatment or preventative products visit

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