Lice Products


IMG_7880 Head Hunters Naturals has developed a line of products that targets the needs of a head lice infestation with the understanding of how that infestation damages the hair and scalp. We offer a full line of quality, beneficial and wholesome products. With careful evaluation and testing, these products are used in the Head Hunters L.R.S. treatment facility located in Roswell, Ga. Pleasing to the sense of smell, this line is neither medical nor offensive but a sweet blend of natural and botanical extracts with a dash of lemon. These products are not limited to those with head lice. Used by many people every day to repel head lice but additionally to detangle and restore the hair.

The hair and scalp become damaged by the lice infestation through a variety of ways. When an adult louse lays an egg (nit), she glues it to the hair strand leaving a hard epoxy residue. If a child has all stages of head lice (nits, nymphs and adults) they leave tiny feeding sites that itch from the saliva. As the child scratches the head he/she will break the skin, possibly leaving open wounds. As the "Head Hunter" combs out the infestation by using the Terminator nit comb, a small amount of the hair will be damaged. With a combination of ingredients to repel head lice, break down the glue, heal the scalp, stop the itching and repair the hair strands; Head Hunters Naturals addresses all of these concerns in each product.IMG_7890

The need to use quality ingredients in our products come solely from our experience in the lice removal business. Careful thought has gone into the development of the Lemon Heads line by following customer feedback, rigorous testing on live lice and performance reviews from our experienced "Head Hunters". The result is a true multifunctional salon grade professional product for head lice removal. Essential Essence for Natural Protection is what we strive for.

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