Preventing Head Lice

Preventative measures can be taken to ensure that head lice infestations stay to minimum within a household.



**Did you know? Lice leave a scent (from the saliva and urine) behind embedded in the hair shaft that actually attracts a new lice infestation. One needs to use a repelling shampoo and conditioner to help mask the scent thus lowering the chances of receiving another lice infestation. This scent lasts up to 30 days.**


Tips for Lice Prevention:

Keep hair pulled back in ponytails, braids, buns, etc.

Spray your child’s hair with a repellant spray daily before going to school or activities.

Shampoo and Condition with repelling products daily.

Comb through your child’s hair once per week. You will catch head lice in its earlier stages, meaning its easier to treat. Make sure that you have a good comb.

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